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FREE Ebook Find Yourself With Attentive Art - 3 Exercises in Mindful Creativity

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Welcome to Attentive Art,


I'm Sophie Walker, an artist and mindful creativity practitioner.


I use mindfulness techniques combined with creative exercises to help people to get to know themselves better.

If you'd like to find out more and get a taste of Attentive Art, why not try my free e-book?


          Some of the areas I can help with are:


        - Getting 'me' time - finding balance between what you have to do and want to do.

        - Finding clarity and purpose - in your home life, work life or spiritual life.

        - Opening your mind - considering new possiblilities and embracing adventure.

        - Bringing more joy into your life - are you stuck on a hamster wheel of responsibility?

        - Self discovery - identifying the gaps in your life and looking at how to fill them.

        - Work/life balance - if you are employed or work for yourself, this is a common issue.

        - Igniting a dormant creative spark - what did you used to love doing creatively?

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